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100% Quality Metal Art Tin Sign
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Metal art tin sign. This tin sign depicts stains, small circles, lines, cups, menu, espresso 30 ml. espresso, ice cube espresso 30 ml. con hielo, hot water 90 ml. espresso 60 ml. americano, concentrated espresso 22 ml. ristresto, hot milk 30 ml. espresso 60 ml. noisettex, little foamed milk hot milk 120 ml. espresso 60 ml. latte, foamed milk 60 ml. hot milk 60 ml. espresso 60 ml. cappucino, vanilla ice cream espresso 30 ml. affogato, less concentrated espresso 90 ml. longblack, foamed milk 30 ml. espresso 60 ml. cortado,  whipped cream espresso 60 ml. con panna, espresso 60 ml. doppio, little foamed milk hot milk 30 ml. chocolate 60 ml. espresso 60 ml. mocha, little brandy espresso 30 ml. carajillo, foamed milk 120 ml. espresso 60 ml. cappucino typography vintage hotel bar and restaurant food and drinks tin sign, retro metal tin signs for kitchen wall décor, wall hangings metal signs, retro art, plaque, metal plate, wall art, DIY room decor, home office decor.

100% quality made-to-order tin sign
Water-proof & anti-corrosion metal art
Non-fading & high resolution printing
Sent in a safe & secure packaging
Perfect for outdoor & indoor use

Each tin sign plate has four holes at the corners for easy installation or you can secure hanging with cable ties or just use trouble-free double tape for easy DIY installation anywhere.

We ship USA, CAN, UK, AUS, NZ, EUR, ASIA and World-wide. Please check out Shipping & Returns page for more details.

Exquisite Art
It's a versatile piece of printed tin metal art which can be used in a bar, pub, club, home, office, home office, coffee shop, store, restaurant, hotel, garage etc. It is a most exquisite room decor art piece and a perfect item for collectible, gifting, special occasion, wedding, birthday, ceremony etc.

We use state-of-the-art print technology, however, the colors may vary between digital screens and the actual printed tin signs.

The sizes in inch mentioned above are rounded off. The sign artwork will be delivered watermark free.

14 days money back guarantee